Media technology

Media control technology covers the operation, control, display and output of all information in a modern building that comes from a PC, TV, DVD player, video and audio systems, alarms, cameras, lighting, sun blinds, the Internet and much, much more.

Media control systems are mainly used in two areas:

  • Presentations
  • Intelligent buildings

The constant development and improvement of technology taking place in our modern media age increases our demands for successful presentations. The technology we use at GEE-GmbH turns every presentation into an audience experience and allows speakers to put on an impressive performance. The result is the perfect presentation.

Thanks to this technology, you can perform a range of functions from one touch panel, such as operating a DVD player and TV, controlling the lighting or accessing the Internet.

Are you looking for a combination of convenience and technology that largely stays hidden behind the scenes, but which also allows you to operate all devices - and do so with the greatest degree of clarity and ease? Then the answer is the 'intelligent home'. In the intelligent home, one central unit allows you to access everything from the DVD player to the TV, lighting, sun blinds, heating, air conditioning and the Internet. The controller displays and outputs all error messages and alarms. Thanks to this technology, you can control simply every home function. This means there is no more need to use a multitude of remote controls or wade through time-consuming technical descriptions.

You will be amazed what this technology can do.