Our Digital Signage Solutions


Since 2005 we have an own Digital Signage Software with name "geeScreenDesigner".

This Solution is our own Development. We can make custom-designed Solutions because we are the Developers.

Since some years we have specialist Dealer, which sell our software worldwide

We have the following solutions:

  1. Software
    • Offline-Solutions with our Standalone Software
    • Offline-Solutions with our Network Software
    • Online-Solutions with our Web Interface. The contents update will be distributed via the Intranet/Internet.
  2. Hardware
    • We use the highest quality output devices and computers for 24 hours operation.
  3. Services
    • Adjustment of your proposals and requests for our solutions
    • Creation and editing of your contents
    • Distribution of your contents
    • Create layouts and movies for your presentations
    • Training of your employees

All offline solutions can be purchased directly from us. The online solutions can be bought or rented.